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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use this tool?
Show me some policies in California
Write down the ages of your people in your household, you may also include your household income, and check out the Results Page. You can also enter your details directly on the Results Page instead
How competitive is the California health insurance market overall?
We do compute scores for states of the Union but our focus today is on California and to be fair we would have to show you the scores for all the states.
Show me some policies in my County
Type in your ZIP Code or your County on the My Location Page, once you are done with the My Info Page, and check out the Results Page. You can also enter your details directly on the Results Page instead. Some counties like Los Angeles have two Rating (or pricing) areas, so do mind the Rating Area column on the Results Page if you did not specify a ZIP code.
How competitive are policies sold in Alameda County compared to the rest of California?
We love those Ha-Ha moments when data speaks but at the latest news it would cost us $10,000 a year to share those maps.
Show me policies sold by a specific carrier in Contra Costa County.
First select the Contra Costa County on the My Location or Results Page and then sort the results by Insurance Carrier.
How competitive is my carrier in Los Angeles County?

First select the Los Angeles County on the My Location Page or the Results Page and then sort the results by Insurance Carrier. The scores that you see are called quantiles, a score of 80 means that 80% of policies sold in Los Angeles are no more competitive.

You can find out how competitive are policies sold in California by a specific carrier by leaving blank the County and ZIP from the My Location and Results Pages and sorting the results by Insurance Carrier.

How do prices for my existing plan vary from county to county?
Leave blank the County and ZIP from the My Location and Results Pages and sort the results by Plan Name.
How competitive is my Multi-State policy across nationwide?
Yet another question that we’d love to draw a picture for you.
What can I do with this tool?
You can use The Insuranator to explore the landscape of your local health insurance market. We call The Insuranator a Data Observatory because it gives a panoramic view of the Affordable Care Act policies sold in California. Let us know of any view that you would like to get to and yet we don’t provide a path to it, we might just have the right tools sitting in our garage.
Who made this tool and why?

Juido LLC made The Insuranator with the help of The Invisible Spark and Ortus Solutions. Juido in Juido LLC, stands for Just an Unbiased Insurance Data Observatory. Juido’s principal is Joel Malard, PhD, he explains:

“In March 2013 my COBRA policy had increased by over 30% because of increase medical costs at my former employer with its aging staff and a president who had passed away that year. It took me a month to find out what plans were available to me in my ZIP code area and which ones were more cost efficient based on tools and techniques that I had used as a scientist in the UK and in the US.

Love it or hate it the Affordable Care Act has created a unified language to discuss health insurance policies in a space where before even the term Deductible could have different meanings. From Juido’s perspective the Affordable Care Act means that an analysis that took a month to complete for one ZIP code area can now be extended to the whole USA and be done with in a couple of hours.

The Insuranator is a meeting place for customers, physicians and insurance carrier and brokers for promoting a win-win interactions in health care insurance. We are no exchange, no broker, no consumer advocate; we sell nothing, take no commission, charge no fee and give no warranty. We don’t scare people off with half a million decision variables but we show the whole data in what we believe are intelligent ways so that customers may get more out of their continuing dialogue with carriers and physicians.”

What is your Privacy Policy?
We ask to use cookies to remember the last page that you visited and to track your usage so that we may improve your next experience on the Insuranator. We keep no personal data that might identify anyone of our visitors besides the mailing list. We do not share our mailing list with outside and 3rd parties.
How can I contact your users?
At the discretion of the newsletter editor we may share your links and announcements in a digest through our mailing list.
Do you post information on preventive and traditional medicine?
Not at this time but if you have something really cool to share we may send it out in a digest to our mailing list.
How can I advertise on your site?
Advertisements are posted by Google Ads on the right hand side of the Plan Details Page. A Google engine determines what to post in that space; hopefully the choice will be relevant for you.
Prices differ on CoveredCA, The Insuranator and my carrier website. How is that possible?

Our data is public and limited to health insurance plans sold on the Covered CA Exchange and we expect less than 1% variation in the prices we post and the prices that your carrier posts, which is $20 per year for a policy with $2000 of annual premiums. Please email us if you find anything bigger than 1% because we tally such variations and we will report the discrepancy or refine our models to better serve you.

Besides commissions and exceptional fees, there are a couple of reasons why this may happen. First, we use our own subsidy calculator that may give slightly different numbers than other public calculators and second we model the public data that we receive to make it fast for us to make it simple for you.

What is your bias?
Do you export your data?
Our data is public and we use decision tools like scenario analysis and decision matrices to come up with good views of the data. The former is public, the latter needs tender loving care to works its lore, and we do not share it.
How does my current policy compare to the QHP plans?
We went minimalist in this release of The Insuranator but it would be easy to offer once enough people show an interest.
Does my ZIP code really matter?
Weird but true, it does. One might think that one American life is worth as much as another American life but the cost of a stress free healthy life can vary by as much as $100,000 across ZIP code areas. Check it out!
How much are all of my premium payments worth from now until retirement?
The present value of all your premium payments until retirement is the amount of money that you would need in the bank today to cover all your premium payments assuming a 3% inflation rate and a return on investment of 5% for the stakeholders of insurance carriers. A stakeholder who invests in a public insurance carrier is likely to be someone who wants a stable return on his, her or its money, it may be your pension plan or your union. This complexity makes dialogue more important and possibly more profitable to all.
How are the competitiveness indexes computed?
An insurance policy is a time tested way for buying goods and services when their price is yet unknown. The insurance carrier must figure out how much the average customer will pay for goods and services in order to set a viable group price for those goods and services. This reckoning involves some hardcore mathematics and some detailed accounting of allegedly over half a million decision variables. The Insuranator takes a radically different approach we do not sell you a smart engine we make you the smart driver, in effect we built plausible scenarios and we use those to come up with our estimates, we rely on you to tell us your past and current needs and wants in order for us to refine and diversify our portfolio of scenarios.
Why is my state not listed?
Every state has its own implementation of the Affordable Care Act with different rules for copays and shared costs for smokers and non-smokers, etc that all need to be accounted for in subsidy calculators, and besides who knows what the Supreme Court will decide about subsidies on federally managed exchanges? So we focus on California that has more inhabitants than some large foreign countries.
What Guarantee does The Insuranator provide?
Juido LLC offers a free data browsing service to the best of its knowledge and access to public data, it does so at no charge and no cost to its users and data providers, and it accepts no liability for the content of this website, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Any views or opinions presented in this website are solely those of Juido LLC and do not necessarily represent those of any other company, association or government agency. Juido LLC accepts no liability for any damage caused by fraudulent use of this website.
How do I decide which plan is better for me?
First explore the market near you to see what plans are available and if possibly if neighbors next to you have better deals. Second, check the plans that you liked on the California Exchange and call your Insurance Carrier or broker. Third, purchase a policy that truly meets your needs.
How can I help?
There are many way in which you can help, the best way to reach us is through the Tell Your Story Page.